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so i guess maybe i’ll address this. my musical interests and tastes have shifted greatly over the past year or so. some bands i’ve grown to dislike, others i’ve just not listened to for a long time. no matter the case, i won’t reblog posts of their songs, logos, or lyrics if i’m not listening to them. 

my point is that it’s incredibly ridiculous to put things on your blog because you see other people posting them. can you believe it would be so simple to trick people by captioning a photo with a vocalist’s name, but the photo be of someone else entirely? i was at a record store in richmond, virginia last week and overheard this conversation, “i was reading this forum about a guy who created a list of ‘6 records you’ll never hear’ and posted it online. he received comments from people claiming to own these albums, know people to know the bands, been to their shows, and everything else. and the guy made up the 6 albums and bands entirely.” 

how can you be content with this behavior? i don’t care what genre of music this is about, this is absurd. why are people inclined to portray themselves a certain way? why can’t people just be proud of what they like? my top 5 favorite bands are bright eyes, brand new, trophy scars, the acacia strain, and pianos become the teeth. i go to pittsburgh and see anti-flag every time they play a hometown show, that band is incredible. journey, matchbox 20, and the goo goo dolls all wrote perfect songs. i won’t “dare” anyone to “fight me” because i like these artists, nor do i want applauded for being ~eccentric.~ NEVER do i think it’s okay to make up a different personality for yourself. it’s not okay to gain friends, partners, “street cred,” or anything else that you may feel could be accomplished by liking what’s popular. NOR is it okay to always be the black sheep, the kid who sticks out solely because they like what everyone doesn’t. just embrace what appeals to you. tv, music, literature, art, people, EVERYTHING. 

just please, everyone, stop pretending. stop trying to settle for things that are truly just mediocre. stop letting amazing music pass you by just because you can’t find it on a “tumblr famous” blog. stop hiding who you are to achieve whatever insane goal you think it will. love who you are, you’ll feel better than x number of followers will make you feel, i promise.

Bright Eyes - Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and To Be Loved)


Sleeping With Sirens- In Case Of Emergency, Dial 411

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Truthfulness of the Day: In a rare out-of-character appearance, Stephen Colbert shares a touching anti-bullying anecdote from his past as part of Dan Savage’s ongoing suicide-prevention project It Gets Better.


i approve of this message. regardless if colbert is addressing the lgbt community, this goes for anything hurtful anyone can say about you. 

"if they push you, you push them right back" — Vincent Bennett, The Acacia Strain 

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reblogging bad grammar is against my religion… but THIS.

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If there’s anyone out there who cares about, and wants to see music continue to exist as an art form and not a commercial good, then now’s the time to make a change because that’s the way it’s going. And there’ll no longer be real music if we keep letting them shove it down our fucking throats.

So, in the immortal words of our idiotic, gun-totin’, coke-snortin’ president, I’d like to draw a big fat line in the sand and say you’re either with us or you’re against us and uh, lets’ roll. So can I get a god damn tipany roll or what the fuck?

Conor Oberst, shortlist awards 2006 before a performance of ‘Let’s Not Shit Ourselves’ 

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